2004 Ct. Sup. 1919
No. FA 02-0731779 SConnecticut Superior Court, Judicial District of Hartford at Hartford
February 2, 2004

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This case is unpublished as indicated by the issuing court.]


These parties were married on October 7, 2000. An action for dissolution of marriage was filed on October 16, 2002. There are no minor children issue of the marriage, and the parties were divorced pursuant to an uncontested dissolution of marriage which was heard and approved by the court on August 22, 2003.

The matter of personal property was submitted to the court by agreement of the parties on the papers. That was followed by submission of correspondence and motions upon which the court now rules.

The personal property of the parties is ordered divided as follows. The plaintiff shall receive the following items pursuant to his proposed orders of August 8, 2003:

1) bedroom set;

2) 35-inch TV;

3) the sum of $2,300.00 representing his claim to both the down payment and the equity in a Honda Accord motor vehicle which is to be retained by the defendant;

4) a four-digit license plate;

5) a Bose surround sound system; and

6) items 7-13 inclusive of Mr. Abbatemarco’s proposed orders dated August 8, 2003.
7) unless specifically noted above, the defendant’s proposed orders with respect to gifts are adopted as CT Page 1920 the orders of this court. The schedules attached to the defendant’s proposed orders are hereby incorporated by reference into this memorandum.

Robaina, J. CT Page 1921